Start 2016 Off By Acquiring A ‘Certificate of Caregiver Ethics’

That’s right! You’ve asked for it and we have delivered. Sometime in January 2016 we will be releasing the first of three certification courses on caregiver ethics. Level I certification is an introductory course designed to get you thinking about ethics in general. Level I was also constructed with the caregiver in mind. That is, we want to provide you with a basic foundation about ethics as a building block for future learning on this topic. This is a care giver certification course that you most definitely want to add to your resume. Why?


Every family member who leaves their loved one in your hands is doing so because they are trusting that you are going to do the right thing at all times as it concerns their loved one’s care. Make no mistake, trust is what it is all about. And, when we talk about trust, we are, in a broader sense, also  talking about ethics.

As the nation’s leading caregiver certification organization, it is our duty and obligation to both promote and encourage ethical behavior in our caregivers. But, we also want to provide you with something tangible in the form of added certification; a unique certification that tells those around you that you ‘care’ about expanding your knowledge base as a caregiver.

Likewise, acquiring this certification also tells your peers that you want to be an example about the importance of raising the bar in the caregiver industry. So, it is not simply ‘another’ certification. Your completion of the Certificate of Caregiver Ethics course means something much greater.

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