2018 – The Caregiver’s Voice 20th Anniversary

More at… http://thecaregiversvoice.com/avadian-musings/2018-the-caregivers-voice-20th-anniversary/ It’s The Caregiver’s Voice 20th Anniversary! Twenty years ago, encouraged by support group members, The Caregiver’s Voice filled a void left by family caregivers and their loved ones who would not share their experiences, publicly. We’ve made progress in reducing the stigma. … Read More

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3 Simple Happiness Hacks for Caregivers

More at… https://www.caregiverstress.com/stress-management/situations/3-simple-happiness-hacks-for-caregivers/

Have you ever met someone who seems happy all the time? Maybe it’s that person who always has a cheery, upbeat greeting for everyone, or someone who inexplicably manages to remain positive amidst challenging circumstances. But it might make you wonder, “Why am I not one of those people?” A … Read More

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Watch Your Language: How Communication Influences the Care Relationship

More at… https://www.caregiverstress.com/geriatric-professional-resources/professional-development/watch-language-communication-influences-care-relationship/

“No one likes to be given bad news, and a diagnosis of dementia is devastating. How wonderful it would be though if the bad news and negative language stopped at that point.” So begins a short article by Wendy Mitchell, who is living with dementia.  Wendy says the manner in which care provi… Read More

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The Caregiver’s Voice New Resources Directory is Now Live

More at… http://thecaregiversvoice.com/tips-caregivers/the-caregivers-voice-new-resources-directory-is-now-live/ The Caregiver’s Voice New RESOURCES Directory… includes an alphabetical list of U.S.-based and International Caregiver Resources. Click on: RESOURCES for Caregivers for People with Dementia Each organization listed includes a description with a convenient clickable website link. To be … Read More

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Article Excerpts on Alzheimer’s Treatments, Swallowing Tips and more

More at… http://thecaregiversvoice.com/tips-caregivers/curated-articles-on-alzheimer-treatments-swallowing-tips/ The Caregiver’s Voice is launching our second initiative for our 20th Anniversary. Starting this month, we’ll post excerpts of articles from the Tree of Knowledge for caregivers for people with dementia. In this case, the tree (pictured) is estimated to be 1,500 years old. (Hover over th… Read More

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