Let's Talk About Hearing Loss (Canada)

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“Would you like a roll, Dad?” Marilyn asked her dad, age 84, across the restaurant table. Her dad kept eating, his gaze focused on his plate. Marilyn tried again. Touching her dad’s forearm, she said more loudly, “Dad! Would you like a roll?” This time Marilyn’s dad looked up with rai… Read More

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The Potentially Deadly Condition That May Follow a Hospital Stay

More at… https://starlightcaregivers.com/blog/the-potentially-deadly-condition-that-may-follow-a-hospital-stay-2/ Venous thromboembolism (VTE) might be the most serious condition you’ve never heard of. The disease starts with a blood clot, or thrombosis, that forms in a deep vein in the leg (or, less frequently, the arm). This clot is known as deep vein thrombosis. If the clot breaks off, travels through the … Read More

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10 scary scams targeting seniors and how to avoid them

More at… https://starlightcaregivers.com/blog/10-scary-scams-targeting-seniors-and-how-to-avoid-them/ By Clark.com staff, July 4, 2017 Crimes against the elderly continue to skyrocket each year, as criminals continue to find more ways to carry out both new and old scams. In fact, seniors lose billions of dollars a year to home repair scams, investment scams, IRS scams and various other cons targetin… Read More

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